Veterans Can obtain Marijuana Evaluations, Cards, Recommendations

Doctors in VA will now be permitted by law to discuss the use of medical marijuana when treating patients who are suffering from conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder thanks to a new amendment passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. This means that for PTSD suffering vets cannabis is now going to be an option.

In the past, even if veterans lived in a state where the use of medical marijuana was permitted they would be unable to access the drug if they were being treated by a VA doctor as those medical professionals were forbidden by law from even discussing the issue with their patients.


 Medical Marijuana and War Veterans

It is not surprising that for some time there has been considerable discussion about veterans and medical marijuana over the last year, since the House of Representatives vetoed the amendment passed by the US Senate which permitted vets to take the drug as a treatment. Had the amendment not been stripped from the law, the government would have been prevented from funding the enforcement of the rules in place to prevent VA doctors from prescribing patients medical cannabis.

The change came about in January of this year when a letter was written to Bob McDonald, VA secretary by lawmakers in an attempt to persuade him to change the rulings. Signed by 21 Congress members, this letter pointed out that the time had come to permit VA doctors to have an open discussion with their patients about the use of medical marijuana.

Now, this week, the amendment has finally been passed preventing the use of VA funds from being used to keep VA patients from having access to this drug, although the new legislation will only take effect in states which currently permit the use of medical marijuana.

A statement has even been made by the Drug Policy Alliance's Office of National Affairs stating that veterans should not face discrimination when it comes to the prescribing of medical marijuana and, by virtue of their service to their country, they should be able to fully and frankly discuss the use of this drug with their medical marijuana practitioner as a means of alleviating their condition.

At the present time 24 states allow medical marijuana to be used now that the Governor of Pennsylvania is due to sign the bill which will most likely be approved this week by State Legislature.

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It is widely hoped that the bill will, by the end of the year, be signed into law, allowing veterans to finally gain access to the drug as a treatment for their symptoms. Explore medical marijuana doctors near you here.