How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card Online In Stockton, California

When it comes to Stockton medical marijuana cards, there are a number of 420 doctors in which to procure what is needed. However, in order to do so, one must first be given a Stockton medical marijuana card. In order to receive an mmj recommendation, there must be a 420 evaluation that is done first. For those living in Stockton, 420 evaluations can be done online, and 420 evaluations can be done in the city of Stockton.

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The Easy Process of Getting a Stockton Medical Marijuana Card 

  To get a medical marijuana card online in the city of Stockton, California, there is an online form you can fill out with your personal information. Those filling out the online forms will also have to fill out some medical questions, which will then be evaluated by a doctor. One of the best things about filling out forms online is that there is no appointment necessary and you don’t have to sit for, what feels like forever, in a waiting room.

  Once a medical doctor gives a recommendation for an individual to possess an MMJ card, they can then buy, possess, use and cultivate their own medical marijuana. The required documents and identification cards are then sent by email and by regular mail on the same day as these items are required to purchase, grow, consume and carry medical marijuana. The documents and identification that come in the mail can be used at a dispensary or a cannabis club, while the digital copy of the documents is for medical marijuana that is purchased online.

Medical Marijuana Laws In Stockton

  As for the medical marijuana laws in Stockton in order to get a Stockton cannabis recommendation, or even Stockton MMJ cards online, one should first have a look at the laws and measures on their city webpage ( concerning medical marijuana. Measure P was approved by voters on November 8th, 2016, as was Measure Q.

  Measure P was approved by 55.35 percent of voters. Since the population of Stockton was estimated to be at 307,000 people, and an estimated 29.9% of those were under the age of 18, which leaves us with 215,207 potential voters. Since Stockton made up 41% of the population in San Joaquin County in 2016, and that voter turnout in that county was 70%, if we count the number of cities, census-designated places, and unincorporated communities, which is 34, and divide that by 70, if the math is right, then 48.57% of those of voting age in Stockton voted in 2016. That number would be 104,529 people, and if 55.35% of voters approved Measure P, then about 57,856 people approved the measure. The math could be way off as voter turnout is by county and not by individual cities and towns.

  Measure P allows up to four medical cannabis dispensaries in commercial and industrial zones, four cultivation sites in industrial zones, does not allow those who own or operate a dispensary to own or operate the cultivation operations within the city, nor are cultivation owners and operators allowed to own or operate dispensaries within the city. Measure Q allows the city council of Stockton to raise or lower the business license tax between $35 to $50 per $1000 in gross receipts of medical cannabis and is mainly for other taxable business issues.

How To Get Medical Cannabis In Stockton

  There are several sites such as MMJ Doctor Online ( and 420 Evaluations Online ( where individuals can go to fill out an application. While pricing for the recommendation is the cheapest option, and the option to become a grower is the most expensive option, for those who just want the card would have to go with the middle priced option available on either site. Once the medical marijuana card is approved, then individuals are able to search for the nearest medical marijuana dispensary or clinic closest to them.

Medical Conditions that could benefit from using medical marijuana

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  When individuals fill out 420 evaluations online, or even 420 evaluations in person in Stockton, for a medical marijuana card, it is more likely that they have a medical condition from which they could find relief from with medical marijuana. If they have their mmj recommendations, or even their 420 recs that they received online, they can order their medical marijuana for their needs. The most common conditions that medical marijuana has been prescribed for are multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, cancer, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, insomnia, as well as a number of other reasons. For those living in Stockton with these issues, or others, once the application is filled out, then a number of Stockton cannabis doctors can provide medical cannabis cards to those who need it.

Why Get A Stockton Medical Marijuana Card Online?

  When it comes to getting a 420 card, why not get one online when you live in Stockton? Why not go see a medical marijuana doctor in person in order to get your mmj recommendation? Well, let’s say that your doctor who would do 420 evaluations in Stockton works out of a pain clinic on the north side of town and you live by the airport on the south side of town. It is a 15-mile drive, which would take about a half an hour to get there. Except, you don’t have your car anymore for whatever reason, so your options are to take public transportation, walk, or ride a bike.

  Riding your bike would take about an hour and a half to get to your destination, and walking would take about four hours. Walking would take too long and let’s say you have arthritis, so riding your bike is out, even though it will get you there an hour faster than public transportation. Taking the bus would mean you have a one way trip that would last about two and a half hours. A two and a half hour trip there, plus however long you spend at the pain clinic, and then a two and a half hour bus ride back home? That is five hours just traveling. You have no idea how long you are going to have to wait, or how long they will take with you. Let’s say an hour and a half at the pain clinic, that means you have been outside of the home, or out of work for the day for seven and a half hours. If you had a car, that whole thing would be two and a half hours. Still a significant portion of time.

  If you do your 420 evaluation online, however, you don’t have to travel anywhere, you don’t have to wait to be seen, you don’t have to hope that you don’t get stuck in traffic, there is 24/7 verification and all you have to do is fill out a medical questionnaire online and then chat with a doctor for a five minute evaluation. Then, once it is approved, the hard copy of the documents will be mailed the same day, and you will receive an email version of the Stockton medical marijuana card that same day.