More people are accepting the fact that medical marijuana can be used to alleviate multiple symptoms and side effects of numerous medical conditions which include HIV, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, sclerosis, and a lot more. However, a majority of users do not know the best method to take cannabis to reap the most benefits. Here are options available and their perks.

I. Pipes

Arguably, these are the most common smoking devices in circulation nowadays. They come with different flavors offering users this convenience. Many people appreciate the fact that they are simple to use, portable and small. An individual may opt to use hand pipes that are available in various creative styles and forms for functionality and decoration. They work by trapping smoke that burning cannabis produces so that users can inhale it. You can also limit the amount of marijuana you consume when using the pipes.

II. Bongs

They are another option that people have when they want to take advantage of the perks that medical marijuana brings about. They give an experience that is similar to pipes. You can opt to pick the designs and style you fancy adding a sophistication that incorporates water. Health benefits that go with the water are that it cools the smoke which acts as an efficient filter for various harmful constituents. The bongs' also feature “shotgun” or “carb” that you can frequently use to remove smoke from the chambers; it allows you not to experience the irritating feeling that it causes to the lungs.

III. Vaporizers

Vaporizers are devices that people use to extract active components of marijuana eliminating the process of combustion. They are ideal because they get rid of tar or particulate matter that is usually associated with smoking cannabis which significantly lowers the concentration of noxious gases like carbon monoxide. Some studies also reveal that the products can drastically or in some cases eliminate harmful constituents of the smoke. Primary perks of using the vaporizers include:


• Potency- Vaporizing is known to deliver the most power out of any techniques of medicating with cannabis because it does not involve heating which means that a person gets to take advantage of the maximum benefits of small amounts of marijuana.


• Quality- a majority of people like this method because it helps patients to get all the plants actives making the vapor top-notch. It also healthier for the lungs because not too much smoke passes through.


• Cleanliness- experts report that taking gas is much cleaner than inhaling the smoke. It complements ritual of smoking, but it does not deliver tar, particulate matter, and carcinogens associated with pipes, joints, and bongs, etc.


• Rapid delivery- using vapors allows a person to feel the effects almost immediately.


• Medical aspect- some people are against the use of marijuana because they claim that a person cannot “smoke medicine.” However, if an individual uses a vaporizer, it can be considered a more medical approach to delivering medical cannabis.


Before taking advantage of the perks of medical marijuana, it is best to go through all consumption methods available diligently studying the pros and cons so that you can pick the one you feel is best suited for you.  Various medical marijuana methods of use can benefit various medical conditions - this is best discssed with a medical marijuana doctor who performs 420 evaluations near you for medical marijuana card renewals & new patients.