The Colorado Senate recently approved and passed new legislation, Jack's Law, which would allow for children to use medical cannabis on school grounds. The law was passed by a unanimous vote and it will require schools to establish policies surrounding the access for medical cannabis. However, the school administrators and the nurses will not be required to administer it. But the parents and other caregivers will be permitted to provide non-smokeable cannabis to students.  New products and ways to use marijuana without smoking has increased the likelihood of passage of the bill.  With new innovative marijuana products hitting the market, things have been changing significnatly.  For example Whoopi Goldberg launched medical marijuana line Whoopi & Maya for menstrual cramps, also US war veterans can now obtain cannabis cards.


The law itself is named after a 15-year-old, Jack Splitt, that suffered from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia, who already requires constant medical support. The young child's mother started fighting for access to medical cannabis in schools after the administrators confiscated the student's cannabis-infused arm patch. This is just one of many stories of children in not just Colorado and the Untied States, but around the world who are seeking help through medical cannabis. Splitt not only used the cannabis-infused patch for treatment, but the nurse who provides daily support for him was also carrying around cannabis oils that were confiscated as well.

The passage of this law now makes Colorado the second state in the United States to go ahead and permit the use of medical cannabis at school. After all, why should a child have to suffer simply because they are at school? If the administration of the cannabis medicine will help to alleviate pain and therefore help them to concentrate better and get the most out of their time at school, then it seems beneficial to allow them to take their medicine there. It is just a plant after all.

Jefferson County school officials have cited federal law as their reasoning for taking away Splitt's medication, regardless of what impact that has had on him and his family. However, under this new law named after Splitt, districts are now going to be afforded the chance to opt-out of the requirement if they can establish that the policy caused a disruption in federal funding. Local patients can also benefit from various cannabis strains that can promote sleep, help with arthritis pain.

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