Cannabidiol and THC both have profound benefits to sleep & relaxation. CBD-based sleep aid can come in the form of smoked marijuana, vaporized herb, CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD infusions, and a range of edibles. Medical marijuana can be found to help with any specific combination of symptoms while certain strains and dosages are renowned for their sleep benefits. Let us take you through a look at how both compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system to promote sleep and relaxation.

How Cannabis Helps Sleep and Relaxation


THC and CBD both help sleep in distinctly different ways. THC is the psychoactive compound of cannabis. Many CBD oils and other cannabis extracts remove THC completely so that no "high" is induced. When THC is, however, used combined with cannabidiols and the other compounds present, a synergistic action is observed. When THC is used for relaxation and sleep it interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain which are responsible for the sleep/wake cycle. Strong doses sedate the patient, causing them to become very drowsy, very quickly. CBD, on the other hand, has an entirely different effect on sleep cycles & relaxation.


How CBD Affects Relaxation and Sleep


Low dose CBD promotes wakefulness and alertness. A low dose of CBD is perfect for staying alert and reducing daytime sleepiness. However, high dosages of CBD sedate the user. CBD also reduces REM behavior disorder whereby people physically react to their dreams. The body is supposed to be mostly paralyzed during REM sleep but when paralysis doesn't occur sleep is severely disrupted. CBD's pain-relieving effects also help most users sleep more comfortable even when the pain is minor. Yet, the pain relief's benefit to sleep and relaxation is so great that it helps even the worst sufferers reach rest.


The Biggest Benefits of CBD to Relaxation & Sleep


Marijuana is one of the most effective sleep aids because it helps a person’s body restore the balance of their sleep cycle. Whether you’re a suffer from a sleep disorder or even if you’re just stressed out, high-quality CBD oil and the healthiest strains from the best quality cannabis seeds can help your condition. Some find the THC to be essential towards soothing away stress but if the high bothers you, then CBD is your best bet for getting some shut-eye. Its antianxiety properties will lift your quality of sleep as well.


Depression and Sleep


CBD is one of the best treatments available for anxiety and depression. What most sufferers do not realize is that the trauma endured during daily life often carries over to their dreams. When the mind is plagued the body cannot reach rest. Sleep quality is impacted subtly over such a long period that poor sleep is accepted as the norm. Those suffering from long-term anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder grow accustomed to poor sleep, with the repercussions playing out as poor health. The endocannabinoid system expresses itself throughout the body. Supplementing with CBD is a proven way to promote feelings of well-being while reducing the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety as well. When you take CBD to help you get to bed, you also help yourself clear your head and overcome depression.


Establishing the Right Dose


Finding the right dose is not too hard as long as you are using high-quality CBD oil or if your plants were grown from the best quality cannabis seeds. A high dose of CBD or THC will send most people new to cannabis straight to bed. The sedation effects can come on strong and quickly. Strangely enough, CBD itself has no sedative effects. Instead, it mitigates all of the other factors which disturb one’s ability to fall asleep and sustain a good night’s rest. The way that CBD interacts with the brain helps you manage stressful situations better. Most poor sleep is rooted in stress. With our natural stress response supported and balanced out, you’ll be the best night’s sleep ever. You don’t need a very high dose to receive the benefits so be sure to experiment until you find the amount that works best for you. It’s very important to get the best quality you can but this doesn’t mean that the dose needs to be high. When you’re buying cannabis from a third-party source, or an extract or concentrate, make sure that their quality is up to scratch.


THC Precautions


If you are using cannabis in its raw form or an extract which includes THC, then make sure to start with a very small dose unless you are used to the psychoactive effects. If you’re growing your own and just starting out, it is a good idea to set up germination for multiple plants. In this way, you’ll have a variety to try out until you establish which is the best high for you. While it is true that high doses of THC are sedating, the psychoactive high can be very disorientating to those not yet used to it. Once you have become comfortable with the feeling you can always start increasing your dose. Studies also show that strains with high levels of THC normally reduce the duration of REM sleep. This is great for PTSD sufferers as it lets them lower the number of nightmares suffered but REM sleep is still vital for healthy cognitive functioning and the immune system. Always observe the changes to your sleep cycles and keep an eye on alertness and wakefulness in the day. You’re looking to promote focus while supporting relaxation, not dulling the senses and numbing yourself to sleep.



If you are going to be using CBD for sleep and relaxation then timing is very important. Everyone metabolizes cannabis uniquely. Some have fast-acting responses to CBD and THC, kicking in within an hour. Others with slow metabolisms can take as long as three hours. Gut to liver action can also cause problems for some people. CBD can persist for up to twelve hours so be sure to time your treatment so that you have no grogginess in the morning.



Get the Rest You Deserve


The best way to guarantee that you get the results that you are looking for is to use high-quality CBD oil, a potent concentrate like Shatter, or cannabis from the best-suited strain to your needs. With a pure product at your disposal, sleep and deep relaxation are guaranteed. Say goodbye to sleep medications with irritable and unnecessary side-effects. Cannabis, CBD oil and sleep medications utilizing CBDs improve the quality of sleep without anything but positive effects on the body. The right dose will help even insomniacs fall asleep restfully. A lack of sleep combined with poor sleep quality ages the body prematurely. Always make sure that you get the rest that you need.


There is no better way to grant your body the deep recovery that it needs to leave you awakened fresh and full of energy. Prolonged use will support the good health of your body.