West Coast Diesel Marijuana Strain Review

West Coast Diesel  Marijuana Strain Review

West Coast Diesel sativa strain is one capable mother. With THC levels somewhere around 22% and 26%, it's one of the world's most grounded strains. This close immaculate sativa crossover is nicknamed Kerosene Kush as a result of its sharp concoction taste and fragrance. It has a 90:10 sativa/indica proportion, so the head high is enthusiastic and centered. West Coast Diesel goads innovativeness and knowledge. This sativa marijuana strain is incredible for wretchedness, sickness, and affecting yearning. It's likewise used to treat ADHD. Symptoms incorporate dry mouth and suspicion. It ought to be nothing unexpected that West Coast Diesel would smell and taste of diesel and chemicals. There's likewise a solid harsh part to the flavor. This cannabis strain has a dull green-cocoa appearance and an iced look because of its numerous trichomes. It's misty how West Coast Diesel came to be, yet it's clearly a relative of the first diesel strain. You'll have an extreme time finding this irregularity, which hasn't been available long. It was conceived in California, as its name proposes. It's most well known there and substantially less so in whatever remains of the nation.

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10 Apr 2016

By Sativa Weed Monster