Loud Treatz Bakery

Loud Treatz Bakery

Loud Treatz Philly is a high-end bakery in Philadelphia which was established over 20 years ago and makes excellent and high-quality food on the East Coast. The bakery's owners are two well-trained entrepreneurs who make different kinds of food such as ice teas, dizzy donuts, and cereal bars. Another restaurant doing making similar food 99th Floor is also another gourmet restaurant that makes pop-up edible dinner in the main cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Just like Loud Treatz, it was established by a culinary professional.

What makes these gourmet edibles exceptional?

The Loud Treatz Bakery, which is illegal, is one of a kind as it was started with a motive to feed recreational users and it is currently involved in informing the society on the significance of medicinal marijuana and its part in the society. However, most of the clients that the bakery receives now are mostly medics. The two gourmet edibles are making a great impact in the industry.

How do they succeed in doping this?

First of all, Loud Treatz has its customers find about the edibles they make through word of mouth something that makes it a local neighborhood business with owners having the privilege of serving their purpose more significantly. With the 99th Floor restaurant, they do an invite-only business in which they do not sell tickets to anyone unless there is somebody who knows the person. However illegal the businesses are, the two gourmet edibles manage to get away with this without any problem.


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14 Jun 2016

By Weed Monster