Anxiety Disorders And Medical Marijuana

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are a group of different disorders that appear to be different manifestations of anxiety. These disorders can include the following:


*Panic disorder

*Social anxiety disorder

*Obsessive-compulsive disorder

*Post-traumatic stress disorder

*Acute stress disorder

*Generalized stress disorder


There are also many different symptoms of these anxiety disorders, which can include the following:



*Feelings of dread

*Lack of concentration






Medical Marijuana and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are some of the most common types of mental illnesses in the United States. On average, approximately 40 million individuals over the age of 18 suffer from them. Not only can these interfere with your daily life, but they can also be a burden financially as well. These disorders can cost individuals more than $42 billion every year, which is nearly 1/3 of the entire country's $148 billion mental health bill. Medical marijuana can benefit anxiety especially with high cbd indica marijuana strains.


Many different medications are prescribed to help deal with anxiety disorders, including the following:











However, many of these medications are known to have potentially dangerous side effects that may result in them being undesirable for those who suffer from anxiety disorders on a long-term basis.


A treatment that is considered to be more affordable and effective is medical marijuana, as it lacks all of the side effects in the more traditional medications that are used to treat these disorders. In fact, this has been used for some time as a viable method to treat many different types of anxiety disorders. While most patients report that medical marijuana truly works for them, there are a select few who have stated that the treatment actually heightens their sense of anxiety. This shows that each patient is truly different. Only a qualified specialist will be able to determine whether this kind of treatment will actually be beneficial for you.


If you or someone you know suffers from any kind of an anxiety disorder and would like more information regarding whether medical marijuana can help you overcome it, don't hesitate to find a medical marijuana doctor & book an appointment through today or locate a dispensary near you here.

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12 Oct 2016

By Best MMJ Doctors