Anorexia & Medical Marijuana

Anorexia & Medical Marijuana Treatemnt, Research 

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia is a disorder in which appetite is decreased, and it's also one that could indicate that the sufferer may have a serious medical condition. Currently there is some evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of medical marijuana with anorexia. Anorexia is a common side effect of many different types of diseases, such as the following:


*Acute viral hepatitis


*Congestive heart failure


*Crohn's disease


 Continue reading to explore how medical marijuana can help the medical condition anorexia.

Medical Marijuana and Anorexia

As previously stated, anorexia is a disorder that can also be the side effect of many other types of diseases. Additionally, it can also be the side effect of drugs such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy; however, it can also contribute or lead to other serious types of medical conditions, including wasting syndrome.


Scientific studies have shown that using medical marijuana as a viable alternative is a safe and effective way to help increase the appetite of someone who suffers from anorexia. In fact, both cannabis and THC were found to cause an increase in weight and caloric intake in patients who were HIV positive. Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute is currently evaluating medical marijuana for both cancer-related and treatment-related anorexia. There are some states that include marijuana on their list of approved treatment methods for various conditions, and the side effects of this alternative are relatively mild and classified as being "low risk." It's no secret that an increased appetite is one of the most common side effects of marijuana; however, this is something that can actually be extremely beneficial to someone who suffers from a disorder such as anorexia.


If you or someone you know is currently suffering from anorexia and would like to obtain more information regarding how medical marijuana can help you, will be able to help connect you with a doctor in your area who can provide you with the most effective treatment possible that is in compliance with all of the laws of your state. Consider booking an appointment today and start improving the quality of your life after exploring anorexia & medical marijuana.

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