Anorexia and Medical Marijuana

Anorexia treated with Marijuana

 Anorexia a severe decrease appetite until a person eats such little food a day it becomes a serious medical conditions. This can be a side effect AIDS, cancer, congestive heart failure, acute viral hepatitis, Chron’s disease, depression, and other conditions. Anorexia can be treated with medical marijuana.

 Anorexia and the use of Medical Marijuana

 When a person is suffering from anorexia they have an abnormal decrease in their appetite. This can happen to people that are suffering from serious medical conditions, people that are undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy, and those that have other medical conditions. ( To find out information about Anorexia Nervosa which is an eating disorder click here). Anorexia can bring on other medical conditions including wasting syndrome and a condition called cachexia.

 Based off of scientific research medical marijuana can help increase appetite even in a person suffering from anorexia. A study that was conducted by Columbia University concluded that the THC in marijuana help HIV positive patients increase the number of calories they were eating each day. They were also able to gain weight. The National Cancer Institute is currently researching the effects of THC on people that are suffering from anorexia due to cancer. Many states that allow medical marijuana have approved it for people that are suffering from anorexia. There are some side effects but they are considered to be low risk. These side effects include euphoric mood changes. Increased appetite is also a side effect of marijuana. In this case it is a positive thing.

 If you or a loved one is suffering from anorexia there is help. Be sure to contact the site for help with medical marijuana. This site will put a person in touch with hundreds of doctors that use medical marijuana all across the country. They work with states where medical marijuana is legal and all of their information is in compliance with state laws. Be sure to book an appointment to see how we can change your life for the better. 

If you or someone you know suffers from anorxia disorder and would like more information regarding whether medical marijuana can help you overcome it, don't hesitate to find a medical marijuana doctor & book an appointment through today or locate a dispensary near you here.

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12 Oct 2016

By Weed monster