Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is known as ADD/ ADHD. A person with this condition may be hyperactive, have a short attention span, or is impulsive. This condition is common in school aged children but can affects adults as well. Medical marijuana has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of ADD/ ADHD.


 Medical marijuana can help children that are suffering from ADD. It can help them focus and increase dopamine levels in the brain. This will help regulate mood and reduce anxiety. Dopamine is also used linked to a person’s appetite, attention span, learning , sleeping pattern, sex drive, and their mood.

 These are all the conditions that adults with ADHD suffer from.

 Anxiety is a symptom of adult ADD/ ADHD that can be solved by medical marijuana.

 Anxiety and insomnia can be helped with marijuana. CBD is a component in marijuana that can help with this condition.

 CBD is responsible for the flight or fight response in the brain. The receptors in the brain that are responsible for this include a feeling of paranoia that can lead to a poor appetite, insomnia, and thoughts of suicide.

 Cannabis has been proven to reduce these symptoms associated with ADHD. This is a safer alternative then other medications.

 There are many prescription medications that can be used to treat people with ADHD. This includes Adderall. This medication can be dangerous when given to children. They have weaker immune systems than adults do and cannot handle the medications.


 The body of a child reacts differently to medication than the body of an adult. One child can take a pill to go to sleep while the same pill can cause another child to suffer from insomnia.

 When looking for treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder, keep in mind that cannabis and other herbal supplements do not have dangerous side effects. Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for adults and children suffering from ADHD. 

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