Bipolar Disorder and Medical Marijuana

Bipolar Disorder and Medical Marijuana Treatments Research

Bipolar disorder has been a known mental disorder for centuries. The disorder causes different types of symptoms and signs in people who are diagnosed with this issue. It can range from levels of depression to manic behavior. Each case can be different in how the depression and mania affect each individual. The depression can stem from mild to severe, which can be critical to the well-being of the individual. When a manic episode occurs in people with this disorder, it can cause them to do things that are drastic and unhealthy. Both parts of the bipolar disorder can be harmful to the individual without medication or treatment. Often, people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder turn to drugs and alcohol.


The original treatment for bipolar disorder was evolved around lithium. The lithium was used for the manic episodes of the disorder, but other medications were needed to be taken with this to control the depression. In many cases, this type of treatment was making the symptoms worse instead of helping the patient become more stable. The reason it was not as helpful was due to the side effects that people were having with these types of treatments. Another form of treatment is being considered for bipolar disorder. That treatment is known as medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana has a substance that has been proven to help reduce the depression and manic episodes in people with this disorder. It has been effective in stabilizing the mood of the individual and making the symptoms less apparent when treated with medical marijuana. Individuals have a homeostatic regulator that is in the human body. The cannabis that is present in medical marijuana reacts to the human system and regulates and stabilized the mood of individuals.


People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder often try several medications before finding the right medicine or dosage that works. When medical marijuana is used there are fewer side effects and there is no need for changing drugs to get the best results. The studies have shown that individuals who have used marijuana have found an increased stability in life and a decrease in mood changes. The research that has been conducted were focused on people who used marijuana without being prescribed and people who were prescribed medical marijuana. Both types of people with bipolar disorder had positive results when using this drug.


The studies that have been conducted with people who use medical marijuana have been beneficial. The studies show that it helps as an effective anti-depressant and mood stabilizer in individuals. It improves the mood of people who suffer from bipolar disorder and reduces pain in other medical conditions. A study also has shown that medical marijuana has a counteractive benefit to calm the manic episodes in people who suffer from bipolar disorder. It has proven to be effective in the enhancing the cognitive behavior in people who suffer from this mental disorder, which can improve their everyday lives. Medical marijuana has fewer side effects as other chemical treatments and has a higher effective rate of stabilization and productivity in everyday lives.

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Tammy Clark n n
Legalize mj

I have severe bi polar I am what they call a rapid cycler it's horrible uneducated but the side effects of the meds are worse sometimes I don't sleep for days I found if I dab in the morning's and at night I stable all day and sleep like a baby medical marrijuana is legal o n ohio but I can't find a doctor to give me a script the 16 pills I was takin are killing my kidneys and liver mother died from kidney failure she was bi polar and schizophrenic and she was heavily mediated I say legalize pot across the U.S.A.

November 2016

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20 Oct 2016