Medical Marijuana And Ankylosis


What is Ankylosis?

Ankylosis involves a joint stiffening up due to the rigid nature and abnormal adhesion of that joint's bones. Depending on exactly how serious the condition is, this is something that can result in either disease or injury. The bone's rigidity can be either complete or partial and can also be due to how inflamed the structure of the muscles outside of the joint itself are. However, this is something that can also be caused by the actual tissues of the joint, though this also depends on the current state of the individual who is suffering from this. In cases that are more extreme in nature, individuals suffering from ankylosis can receive extra support by having a surgically-induced fusion of the affected joint. Apparently, the medical condition ankylosis can benefit from medical marijuana.


 Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

Medical marijuana is being seen as a viable alternative to those who are suffering from anylosis, but are unable to find sufficient relief from more traditional prescription medications. While this serves as a great remedy for many other medical conditions, when it comes to ankylosis in particular, it can help to relax muscles and help your body rest much easier. Rather than having to go through workouts and take other types of medications to try to make the pain disappear, medical marijuana will be able to provide more essential benefits that aren't found in more traditional treatments.


This is something that also serves as a form of anti-inflammatory, which means that any affected joints and/or muscles will be able to be significantly treated. However, it's also important to check to ensure that you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal if you suffer from a condition such as ankylosis. If you do, feel free to contact our service and let us help you get the treatment that you need so that you can live your life as comfortable and as pain-free as possible. 

If you or someone you know suffers from ankylosis and would like more information regarding whether medical marijuana can help you overcome it, don't hesitate to find a medical marijuana doctor & book an appointment through today or locate a dispensary near you here.

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12 Oct 2016

By Weed monster